What to Do If You Forgot Password of The System?

What to Do If You of The System?

Here are the steps for you:

  1. Input a wrong so that the system displays a window an .


  2. Please use the click on this window, use your mouse interchangeably” left click”–“right-click”–“left click”–“right-click”—“left click”–“right-click”… Please do this at least 12 times.


  3. Then it will pop up another window, “Restore user“, click “YES” to restore the system so that password comes back to default one. The is nothing, it means you don't need to input anything, just click “OK” to log in the system.


Here is the for your reference: http://support.annke.com/document/JA/Forget_password.MOV.mp4

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