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How to Find The Encryption/Verification Code?

Find Encryption Verification Code

Find The Encryption/Verification Code?


When the user is viewing the live view on the APP, it is required to enter the encryption code first. The encryption code is the verification code that the user sets up when activating the for the first time, which can make your more secure. In this article, we will show you find the encryption code.


Please access the system menu on the monitor or TV and go to System Configurations→Network→Annke Vision.


For the old version of the ANNKE DVR/NVR system, please go to System Configurations→Network→Platform Access.


For the new H800 (N46PCK/N48PAW) NVR system, please go to System Configurations→Network→Annke Vision.


2. If you have a standard alone POE and the camera is not connected to the NVR system, please access the setting menu of the camera on the web browser from the PC and go to Configurations→Network→Advanced Settings→Platform Access.


Please refer to the link below to find detailed about access the setting menu of the on the web browser from the PC.

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