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What to Do If The Cloud P2P of The DVR/NVR System is Offline?

What to Do If The Cloud P2P of The /NVR System is Offline?


To remotely the DVR/NVR system on the APP or computer , the cloud network status of the DVR/NVR system must be ‘Online'. If the system is ‘Offline', please refer to this article to make it ‘Online'.


Solution 1:

1. Make sure the DVR/NVR system is connected to the router directly by network cable.

2. Access the system menu on the or TV and go to ‘–>Network–>General‘, tick on ‘Enable DHCP‘, then click ‘Apply‘.


3. Go to ‘Platform Access', tick on ‘Enable‘, and make sure the “Verification Code” is set up. The verification code is created by the user, which should include letters and numbers. For example, abcd1234.



1. In different versions, the ‘Access Type' has different names, such as Cloud P2P, Annke Vision, Annke Cloud.

2. Make sure the DDNS and PPPoE, NTP, NAT have been disabled. Otherwise, they will interfere with the DHCP.


Tip: Reboot the system after checking the above network settings.


If the system is still offline, go to ‘Configuration–>Network–>General' and follow the instructions in the picture below to disable DHCP, DNS DHCP. Then enter ‘‘ in ‘Preferred DNS server‘, enable ‘DHCP‘ again. Click on ‘Apply' to save the settings. After that, reboot the system and check if the system is ‘online'. HK_Fix_IP.png

Solution 2:

Change another network cable for the system.

Solution 3:

Reset the system to factory settings.


Solution 4: 

the system to another router if you have one.


If the screen on your system doesn't look like the above pictures, please refer to the below links:
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In case you are accessing the ANNKE system on a computer browser, refer to this to make the system online:



If you have any other questions, please contact ANNKE technical support at support@xvraid.com by email.

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