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What to Do If The NVR Offline?

What to Do If The NVR Offline

What to Do If The NVR Offline?


To remotely access the NVR system on the phone or computer software, the cloud status of the NVR system must be ‘Online’.


For the new version, right-click the on the and go to ‘Fast Network’ to check the cloud status.


If the system is ‘Offline‘, please refer to this article to make it ‘Online’.



1. Make sure the NVR system is connected to the router directly by cable.


2. Go to ‘Network ‘ and make sure ‘DHCP‘ is enabled.


Tip: Reboot the NVR system after checking the above settings.


If the system is still offline, go to ‘Network ‘ to disable ‘DHCP’. Then enter ‘‘ on ‘Preferred DNS‘. After that, reboot the system and check if the system is ‘online’.

If the system is offline even after the DNS server is changed, please try the instructions below.

1. Change another network cable for the system.

2. Go to ‘System →System Admin→Factory Settings‘ to reset the system.

3. Connect the system to another router if you have one.



If you have any other questions, please contact technical support at by email.

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