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423 D1001 1 mini

Many users often do not change the default account after installing and using monitoring products, mainly to avoid the trouble of remembering the password. However, doing so will make your product vulnerable to cyber attacks, and anyone can the device by knowing the device's . Therefore, when using monitoring equipment, users should modify the default password in time. However, after installing the device for a long time without logging into the device for , there is no doubt that the user will forget the password.

If you use Dahua DVR and forget the login password, the best way is to contact Dahua's official website after the sale. They will use the software to generate a temporary password based on the time displayed on your DVR. The temporary password will be one day Valid within. The user should change the DVR password immediately after logging in to the DVR with the temporary password.

Dahua DVR default password

Of course, if you do not know the default account of Dahua DVR recorder products, you can try to use the following default accounts:

  • admin / admin admin / 123456 (local and network access master account)
  • 888888/888888 (local administrator account)
  • 666666/666666 (restricted users)
  • default / default (hidden account)
  • root / vizxv (Telnet access account)

If the default account cannot log in, you can try to reset the time of the DVR by removing the battery on the DVR motherboard. The specific steps are:

  1. Open the DVR cover, remove the DVR battery, and then put it back
  2. DVR connected to power supply and monitor
  3. After the button battery is removed, the date and time of the DVR will be reset to the time such as 2000. Then use the account admin, password 668648 or 000000000000 to log in.

Dahua DVR password counter / generator

Finally, if you do n't want to remove the button battery on the DVR, then you can and run the Dahua Super Password Calculator / Generator, and use this small software to generate a temporary password. When using the software, enter the date and time displayed by the DVR and click Generate to get a temporary password.

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