How to Reset System Password by Serial Number on Monitor?

How to Reset System by on ?

If the system password has been forgotten, please send the following information to by email or submit a request on the  help center with the required information. Then we will send you the code for you to the system.



1. A picture of the  label, which can be found at the bottom of the device.


2. A picture of the system date that is shown on TV or monitor.

3. A picture of the serial number that is shown on the monitor or TV.

Please refer to the instructions below to find the serial number.HK_Password-Double-click.png


If the system doesn‘t pop up the serial number but pop up a date, please send a picture of the system date to technical support.


After we get all the information, we will provide you the security codes to reset the password.




 If you can't get the long serial or the pop-up date, please refer to the link below to in another way.

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