1. Channel List: Select the channel you wish you schedule from the drop down list.
  2. Scheduling Grid: Each box on the grid represents one hour, from left to right, starting at 12AM – 1AM, and ending at 11PM-12AM. Double click on a one hour block to set the schedule for that day. Light blue boxes, as pictured, indicate that the DVR will be recording during that time.
  3. Copy Button: Copy the settings for one channel to other channels. Select the channels you will copy the settings to by using the “Apply Settings To:” drop down menu. Once you select the channel you will copy the settings to, select the “Copy” button.
  4. Quick Add/Quick Remove:  Located in the top right corner, these buttons are used to quickly add or remove one hour boxes from the Scheduling Box.

Set a Schedule Menu

Use this menu to set a more precise schedule than what the Quick Add and Quick Remove tools can offer. Access this menu by double clicking anywhere in the Scheduling Grid.

  1. To set your schedule, select the day of the week you want to schedule from the drop down menu.
  2. Select Add to create a new schedule.
  3. Select Delete to delete an existing schedule.
  4. Using the drop down menu select your Start Time and End Time.
  5. Confirm your selection by clicking the check mark.

To copy the settings for one channel to other channels:

  1. Select the channels you will copy the settings to by using the Apply Settings To drop down menu.
  2. Select the Copy button.

How to reset TVI DVR/NVR when you forgot the password?

Before resetting the password, please help to confirm the model number of your DVR.

(You can find the correct model number on the label at the bottom of the DVR).


If the model number of the DVR/NVR is:

MLF08T;  ZR04IS;  ZR08IS;  SKG08TV;  SIG08TV;  ZR04LS;  

QK08P;  SLG08TV;  SMG08TV;  SPG08TV;  SLF08T8; AR08IS;

PQ08W;  SPG04T4;  SPG04T2; QQ08P;  ALG16TV;  AR04JD;


You can use the below method to reset the password.

1. Download an app named SPD from App Store or Google Play, and install it on your smartphone.


2. Find the DVR’s ID/UID.

  A. You can find the DVR’s ID on the label of the DVR.

B. Or you can also reboot DVR and wait until Wizard Page display, then find the UID.

3. Open SPD, scanning QR Code of UID/ID on Wizard page in order to create super password.

    NOTE: The User Name corresponding to super password must be ‘admin’.

                 Once you set super password this time, the login password should be blank

                 in the next time when you reboot it or log in again.

                 You can go to DVR’s Main Menu – Setup – User – Change password to set a new

                 password. (Please keep the old password blank, you just need to input the new

                 password and confirm password.)

4. If you can not find Wizard Page after rebooting DVR, you can also create a super password

    by inputting UID/ID manually.

Beyond that, you can also upgrade software by means of upgrade file from us, then reset password

when reboot DVR.

Or you can contact us to help you to reset the password.

Support Email: service01@anlapus.com