InVidTech Vision Series Setup Guide v1 - XVRAID XVR-DVR-NVR CCTV DESK

InVidTech Vision Series Setup Guide v1

InVidTech Vision Series Setup Guide v1, InVid Tech offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in the security industry, providing the latest technology to help our clients stand out from the competition. 

InVid Tech is here to help you succeed, and as a company, we pride ourselves on the level of personal service we offer. We have an experienced team based in the United States, including Sales, Customers Service, Marketing & Tech Support. Additionally, there is support for Latin American Countries.

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How do I access the cameras on my computer?

Go Here, login using with the credentials you used to sign up with. You will see your devices at the top, click ACCESS and it will launch a new tab for that device. This info can also be found by going to our website and downloading it Here 

How do I network the unit so it can be viewed remotely?

First you want to make sure you plug the unit into your router. Now on the unit login, then right click on the mouse and go to Menu> System> Network. You can set the IP Address under “TCP/IP”. Once you’ve entered your IT information go to “P2P” across the top. Make sure it is enabled. Below you will see the server address Here. You will go there and create an account then link the unit with your account. See Link below for more detailed instructions. Here

How do I connect a third party camera?

You will need a PC and the manufacturers IP tool to address the camera(s) IP address within the same scheme as the internal NIC of the NVR (172.16.0.x). Now go to the camera management within the NVR, switch the port that the camera(s) are plugged into from PNP to IP address, protocol will be ONVIF, port will be 80 (HTTP port of the camera) and type in the username and password of the camera and it should connect. Some manufacturers require ONVIF to be enabled within the camera before adding to different unit. Please check their website for information on how to enable ONVIF.

Why can’t I use Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari to view my device(s)?

Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari took away a plugin that was used for ActiveX plugins. This has effected anyone that uses an ActiveX plugin for their devices not just InVid.

Why is my Vision camera not connecting to the NVR?

That may be due to the NVR having the old default password of 123456. Leave the camera plugged into the unit and go to Menu>Camera then click on the “cog” (gear looking icon) next to the port of the camera you are trying to connect. Type in the password “1234567u” for the camera and the camera should then connect.

Why did my device suddenly go offline?

If you are connected to your ISP’s router (Internet Service Provider) occasionally it is possible your ISP is doing a update which can occasionally change your network environment and require a reboot of your router/recorder (Router first then recorder). It is highly recommended that with this device to install your own router to run the recorder to avoid this from happening, however if using your ISP’s router the above stated solution is the fix for it.

How do I Share a device added to my star4live account?

Have the new user create an account Here. Log into the account with your device, click on SHARE, enter in the customers user name or email, choose a “valid to date”, when this date hits the device will no longer be shared, and hit ok. The device will now be found under the Shared Record. This info can also be found by going to our website and downloading it Here

Trying to view devices on IE but can’t download the plugins?

Please ensure you are in fact using Internet Explorer and not Edge. The two have similar icons, Edge is a darker blue lower case “e” whereas Internet Explorer is a lighter blue lower case “e” with a yellow ring going over the top left of the “e”. Also note that on Windows 10 Edge is the default browser, Internet Explorer isn’t on the task bar or the desktop, you can use Cortana and search “Internet Explorer” to launch.

How do I turn On/Off motion function?

Right click on the mouse, go to the menu>alarm>motion. By default motion detection should be enabled. You want to draw the area of where you want motion to be detected and then hit apply down at the bottom.

How can I see video from last week?

To playback video you want to right click on the mouse and the second to last option on the bottom is “Playback”. On your right you will select which cameras you will like to playback, below the camera list select the date in which the video was recorded. Hit the play button down at the bottom and the playback should start.

How do I add a User?

Right click on mouse go to Menu>System>User. Click Add at the bottom. Create the username and password then select permissions you want to grant that user and hit OK.

How do I format my hard drive? Vision Series

Go to Menu, click on Storage, click on Hard Disk, select your disk(s) and click Format (remember, this erases all data on that drive(s)).

Do I need to port forward this device? Vision

If you’re using the P2P which is explained above no port forwarding is required, if you are networking this device to be seen remotely via a WAN IP or DDNS, yes port forwarding is required.

Is there a manual for this device?

Yes, you can find it on our website Here

Where can I check to see if my unit is recording?

The best way is by doing a playback (refer to question above). You can also go into the Menu, select Maintain on your left and Recording across the top.


InVidTech Vision Series Setup Guide v1

How to Setup Vision Email Notification

Learn how to setup email notification on your Vision machine

Step 1: Setting up a GMAIL account.

1. Go to My Account setting page, click on the square and click my account.


2. Click Signing in to Google.


3. Click Allow all less secure apps on


Step 2 – Setting DVR/NVR Configurations

 Setting Up Email Notifications on DVR/NVR


 Go to Menu/System/Network > Email across the top
 Enable “Enable Server Authentication”
 The “Username” and “Password” must be the Gmail login information
 The SMTP Server will be “” and the SMTP Port is “465”, and enable the box for “TLS/SSL
 Enter the “Sender Name”, this can anything you would like, for example “VN1A-8X8”. The “Sender address” must be the same as your EMAIL address, i.e.
 The “Recipient Name” is the name of the person you will be sending the notifications to. The “Recipient Address” will be the email address of the person the notifications will be sent to, this does not have to be a Gmail address it can be anything you would like
 “Arming Schedule” can be configured to only have emails sent at specific times.
 “Attach Image” is if you would like a Snapshot included within email (must be enabled under camera Trigger Actions, see below)
 Hit the TEST button to make sure you get a successful connection. If not, refer to Gmail account and
 make sure Less Secure Apps is turned On and all information is entered correctly. Once you get a success message hit APPLY to save.

Enabling Motion Detection


 Go to Menu/Alarm/Motion and select Camera at top
 Check off “Enable”, set your sensitivity and set your motion mask as needed
 Arming Schedule”, this arming schedule is setup for when you want this individual camera to send specific Trigger Actions selected. For instance, emails are sent 24/7 but Camera 1 only sends emails Monday-Thursday between 6am-5pm


 Click on “Trigger Actions” and check off “Send Email” and hit Apply
 Below, click on “Snapshot” and check off the channel number if you have turned on “Attach Picture” in the email setup portion

Hit Apply to save then OK

What is the default password of the Vision devices?

We provide a sticker on the inside of the boxes, whether it’s a DVR Encoder, NVR or IP Camera. The default user name and password could be either “admin/123456” or “admin/1234567u”. Once the change-over is fully complete they will all be “admin/1234567u”

How to Setup Vision P2P Using the QR Code

With P2P QR connection there is no need to set any ports, worry whether or not your uPnP is enabled within your router, do any port forwarding within your router or setup a DDNS name.

 Log into your NVR’s menu (default: admin/123456 or admin/1234567u)
 Right click your mouse and choose Menu/System/Network
 Under TCP/IP make sure “Enable DHCP” is checked off

image1 1

 Under the P2P menu, check off “Enable P2P” (Device Status will stay offline until account is register and device scanned)

image2 1

 On a computer, go to and register an account (click Sign Up).
 Once you have registered, download the mobile app Vision InVid on your mobile phone
 Hit the menu button (three lines) in the top left hand corner, and choose Devices
 Hit the plus sign ( + ) in the top right hand corner and choose Scan
 Scan your barcode, then enter in a “name/nickname” for your device
 Hit the Save button (floppy disk icon) in the top right hand corner
 Go back to your NVR (Menu/System/Network/P2P) and you will now see your Device Status is “Online”

image3 1

Not connected? Here are some things to check

1.Make sure the physical connection between NVR and switch/router is made, and the cable is good(see if green link light is lit under LAN port)
2.DHCP may be turned Off within your router, you may need to disable in NVR and manually input your IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and your DNS Servers ( &
3.Can you connect to the device via the LAN IP, whether it’s the DHCP address or the address you manually gave it (because DHCP was disabled) via the Internet Explorer to ensure it has network connectivity
4.Was the P2P definitely “enable” and saved, check back (Menu/System/Network/P2P)
5.Can you successfully login to your Star4Live account ( to make sure the registration was a success
6.If all else fails, you can always reach out to the InVid Tech technical Support Team

Viewing your Vision Device Online or from Mobile App

Viewing from your Web Browser (Internet Explorer):

 Go to

image4 1

 Login using your email address or user name as well as your account password (case sensitive)
 You will see your device(s) that are added to your account. Click the “Access” button and it will open a new tab bringing you to the
 Live View of that device.

image5 1

 Please note, you can only add a device to one account. If you have multiple devices in your account and do not wish to share that login information, have your customer create their own account, then “share” that device to their account “email” used to register. When they log in, they will only see the device you choose to share with them.

image6 1

Viewing from your InVid Vision mobile app:

 Open your mobile app and hit the menu button in the top left hand corner
 Choose “Live View”
 Hit the Camera Icon in the top right hand corner
 Select your device, then hit “Start Live View”

image7 Is my unit up to date with its firmware?

To find out if the unit is up to date Locally, you want to go to the Menu, select Maintain on your left then Upgrade. Now select “Upgrade by Cloud” (across the top) then hit “Check” in bottom right had corner. To find out if the unit is up to date Remotely, you want to go to Setup, then Maintenance then Maintenance again and hit “Check New Version”. If it is the latest firmware it will say “The current version is already the latest.” If it is not up to date then you will be prompted to upgrade, which will download the file from the cloud, upgrade and restart your NVR.

How do you check to see if an upgrade is available for the Vision NVR?

Is it possible to reset a password for a device?

Yes please contact our Tech Support, 631-388-5700.We will need the devices FULL serial number, you can do this at the main monitor or from the web interface.

How do I access the cameras on my phone?

Once you have downloaded the VISION app from the App Store or Google Play store, sign in with your login credentials used when creating your star4live account.Hit the camera icon in the top right hand corner and you will see a list of all devices added to your account.Choose the device youd like to access and hit “Start Live View” at the bottom of the screen. This info can also be found by going to our website and downloading it Here

Where do I download the APP?

-The app can be found at either the app store for an Apple device, or the Google Play store for an Android Device, you want to search “Paramont CMS”. This info can also be found by going to our website and downloading it Here 

What App do I use for my phone?

InVid Vision

How do I view my device(s) on my Mac?

The current work-around is to install the appropriate CMS software which will allow you to watch live and playback your device(s). You can download the CMS software(s) off our website Here. 


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