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How To Solve The DVR Rebooting Problem

How To Solve The DVR Rebooting Problem

Solve The Rebooting Problem?

If the DVR / is rebooting repeatedly, the issue may be caused by insufficient or a hard disk drive () error.

1. replace a power adapter a higher power

2.remove the power cable and data cable of the hard drive

3. power-on test, to rule out the problem of power adapter and hard disk error

4. Restart after running for a period of time, check whether the main chip heat sink on the DVR motherboard is in good contact

5. If the problem cannot be solved, please send the log and version information of the DVR

DVR/NVR Can't find the HDD

If the DVR/NVR can't find the HDD . the reason maybe as below.
1. DVR/NVR not support & disconnect HDD when the power on . You must to power off , connect the HDD . Then Power ON
2. Check if the HDD already power on . if the SATA cable connect correct .
Way : When power on . put hand on to the HDD to test it the HDD working(vibrate), if no vibrate . means the HDD no power in .
Pls change the 1 cable to test it .
Also change the SATA Cable to test it .


3. To check if the Power Adapter working or enough .
if can works in 1TB . can't working 2TB or 3TB . change to 5A Power to test it .

4. Check if the HDD Broken or not .

5. Usually the DVR support WD (Westdigital brand) If use the other brand . It maybe not compatibility well

6. the DVR and  it in new FW.

7. if all no working . Please contact our technician.

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