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How to Reset the Camera to Factory Default on DVR?

How to Reset the Camera to Factory Default on DVR

How to Reset the to Factory on DVR?

Purpose: For some newly released analog cameras, they have their own OSD menu. In this menu, the users could change the working mode, adjust the image parameters, and reset the camera, and so on.

NOTE: If you want to reset the to the default, please the with the via the BNC cable.

Here are the steps for you:
Below are the steps to reset the camera to the default.

  1. Please the system and go to the Menu–>Camera–>PTZ, and select the camera and click the PTZ button.
  2. On the PTZ Menu, please click the ‘+’ icon to enter the main menu:
  3. After that, you could see the Main Menu. On the Main Menu, you could see the option DEFAULT. Please click the down arrow icon to reach the option. After that, please click the right arrow icon to restore the settings of the camera.

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