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How to Connect Non-POE or Wireless IP Camera to POE NVR via the Onvif Protocol?

How to Connect Non POE or Wireless IP Camera to POE NVR via the Onvif Protocol

How to Connect Non-POE or Wireless IP to POE via the Protocol?

Usually, the POE system we sell includes several POE so that camera can be plugged into NVR’s ethernet port directly.

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But some customers may need to connect non-POE to NVR.

In this situation, the should meet two requirements below.

1. The IP camera must support the  protocol.

2. The IP camera’s resolution had better equal to or lower than resolution NVR.

3. The camera should be connected to the router, by cable, or by wifi. Therefore, a wireless camera is also OK.

Here are the steps:

1. Please use a network cable to connect the IP camera to a router, and connect the camera to a source by adapter.

2. Connect the to the same router by network cable.

3. Go to the Main Menu—Config—Channel to search the camera’s IP.


4. It will detect the camera’s IP. Add it to the system.

Come back to the main screen and the image of the IP camera appears.

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