How to Connect IP Camera to HCVR

IP Camera to HCVR and Pentabrids
To Connect an IP Camera:

Please Note: This applies to Tribrid HCVR Units and Pentabrids.


This allows to be connected to HCVR and Pentabrids.

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  • Computer
  • compatible browser view
  • IP camera
  • HCVR or Pentabrids


Step by Step Instructions

How To Change Channel Type Click on the “Setup Tab” ➞ Camera ➞ Channel Type ➞ Select which Channels are Coaxial, UTP or IP ➞ Click “Save”.

Channel Type wiki.png

1. Log in to a HCVR:


2. Go to setup, click on camera and then remote.


3. Click on device search.


4. Select the that you want and click on add.


5. Go back to the preview and select the IPC and you may see the IPC that you added.


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