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How to Connect IP Camera to DVR?

How to Connect IP Camera to DVR

How to Connect to DVR?

The DVR can connect IP camera. But the should meet two requirements below.

1. The must support the ONVIF protocol.

2. The IP camera’s resolution had better equal to or lower than the resolution DVR.

3. The should be connected to the router, by cable, or by wifi. Therefore, a wireless camera is also OK.


Here are the steps:

1. Please use a cable to connect the to the router, and connect the to the source by adapter.

2. Connect the DVR to the same router by cable.

3. Please enable ONVIF on the DVR at first. Log in to the DVR on a monitor/TV, go to Menu–Maintenance–System Service–ONVIF, check the box ‘Enable ONVIF‘, click ‘Apply.’


4. Please go to Menu – Camera – IP camera to refresh the IP list to find the wireless IP camera. If it finds the camera’s IP, click edit to input the camera’s password.



4. Click add. If the status is blue, it means the is connected successfully.



5. After that, you can see the IP camera’s image display on the screen.


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