How to Access System Using P2P via Easy4IP

How to System Using P2P via Easy4IP Mobile Application


Follow the and video instructions below to setup P2P via Easy4IP on the Mobile Application.

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  • Device connected to the internet with P2P enabled
  • with Easy4IP and internet connection

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. easy4ip app from the Goolge Playstore for Android users and App store for users.

2 Login in if you have an existing account with Easy4ip or create a new account.

Easy4ipaccess 1.png Easy4ipaccess 2.png

3. After you registered for an account login in with your newly created credentials.

Easy4ipaccess 3.png

4. Select the plus icon to add device.

Easy4ipaccess 4.png

5. Select wired or wireless. In most cases your devices will be wired.

Easy4ipaccess 5.png

6. Name your device → scan code or input SN ( of recorder which located on physical recorder) you can also scan the bar code directly from the recorder menu under Settings → → P2P.

Easy4ipaccess 6.png

7. Input username and of the device → select save icon → start live preview.

Easy4ipaccess 7.png

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