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How to choose PoE injectors for wired smart doorbells

Some smart doorbells have an Ethernet port to support wired network connection. For these products, users can take advantage of PoE technology to simplify installation, which in turn, can greatly save effort and money. Though wire-free smart doorbells dominate the market, smart doorbell that has an Ethernet port gives you additional benefits, such as reliable network connection, maintenance-free, long-range wiring distance (up to 100 meters) and high reliability.

PoE Injectors 802.3af

Smart doorbells are low power consumption devices which their maximum power rate is below 10watt, because of this reason, users can take advantage of PoE technology to have a cost-effective and maintenance-free video doorbell system. PoE stands for Power over Ethernet, as the prevalent technology in IT field (PoE for access points, IP telephone, network switches), 802.3af standard has been universally accepted and adopted by different manufacturers.

PoE Injector 802.3af 15.4W
PoE 802.3af standard stipulates the power voltage, power rate, hand shaking protocol…etc specification. When you choose the PoE injector for your smart doorbells, ensuring you know whether the product complies 802.3af standard, or it’s non-standard.

Smart doorbell has an Ethernet port and complies PoE

Users can choose any PoE injector that complies 802.3af standard. The PoE injectors support 48V, 500mA specification. The PoE injector has two Ethernet port; one LAN port to connect with your router/switch, another PoE port connects to your smart doorbell.

PoE smart doorbell wiring/connection diagram

Smart doorbell has an Ethernet doesn’t support PoE

As long as your smart doorbell has an RJ45 port, you can take advantage of PoE by using a PoE injector and PoE splitter. The PoE splitter can split the power and data from Ethernet cable, it should be connected by the end of your smart doorbell.

If you have bought SD-M5 and SD-M3, please choose a standard PoE injector works on mode A (1,2,3,6). PoE injector works on mode A (End-span) utilizing data pairs 1-2 and 3-6 to deliver power. Both SD-M5 and SD-M3 cannot work with none-standard PoE injector (Mid-span) that utilizes 4,5,7,8 pairs.

PoE Working Theory
Standard PoE (End-span, 1236)

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