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ZKTeco dvr installation and user manual

ZKTeco dvr installation and user manual The DVRs of the Z8400XE/F-CL series of the ZKTeco brand allow cameras of up to 5 MP to be added to their channels in all video technologies and IP channels, except in CVI, which allows a maximum of up to 4 MP in the 3 models. , which are:

“How to add IP cameras in ZKTeco DVR pentahybrid DVRs?”

The DVRs of the Z8400XE/F-CL series of the ZKTeco brand allow cameras of up to 5 MP to be added to their channels in all video technologies and IP channels, except in CVI, which allows a maximum of up to 4 MP in the 3 models. , which are:


The DVRs by default do not have the option of IP channels, but only show the BNC analog channels, it is necessary to change the display mode.

ZKTeco dvr installation and user manual
ZKTeco dvr installation and user manual

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It shows us the following options:

  • Analog channels only. (Example; the Z8404XE-CL with 4 BNC channels).
  • Analog channels plus IP channels. (Example; the Z8404XE-CL with 4 BNC channels + 2 IP channels).
  • Change to ALL channels as IP. (Example; the Z8404XE-CL with 6 IP channels).


This applies to all 3 recorder models.

To make this change it is necessary to perform the following steps:

  • Enter the Menu and choose “System”.


  • Select System Parameters.


  • Click on Display Parameters.


  • Once inside this display parameters menu, in the “display mode” part, choose the one that is required or desired, and finally click on Save.


When making the change in the DVR, the system must be restarted, when turning on it will already have the corresponding spaces to add the IP channels.

To add those cameras you have to enter the menu –> Channel management –> Channel information –> Add channel.


It will open a new tab and you have to click Refresh to scan and show the IP cameras in the same network segment, to add it you have to select the camera and click OK.


For cameras that are not ZKTeco but that can be added by ONVIF, it is necessary to edit it to enter your username and password so that the status changes to “Online”.

By following the steps described above, it will be possible to enable the channels and in the same way add the IP cameras in the ZKTeco penta-hybrid DVRs.

Do you know how to modify the video signal of ZKTeco DVRs?

Like other video surveillance brands, ZKTeco’s 8000 series DVRs are penta-hybrid recorders, that is, they accept all video technologies.

  • AHD
  • TVI
  • CVI
  • CVBS (Analog)
  • IP

Thus accepting coaxial HD cameras from other brands that use a different video technology.

The purpose of this article is to show how to adjust any video channel (BNC) to a specific video technology, having our factory recorder all BNC channels are configured as automatic ” Auto Mode ” accepting any AHD, TVI, CVI camera while the latter has a resolution equal to or less than the capacity of the DVR.

The steps to follow are those: 

1.- Enter the Menu and select Channel Management.


2.- Go to General Configuration and Channel Display.


3.- Select the channel where it says “Channel Selection”.

4.- Once the channel is selected, locate the “Detection” part, select an option:

  • Modo AHD
  • CVI mode
  • TVI mode


5.- To finish, just select Save and that’s it, the video channel will accept the configured video technology.

How to enter the OSD menu in ZKTeco DVRs?

Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the resolution of an analog HD camera, many of these cameras have an internal menu called OSD in which you can adjust the parameters of the camera, such as:

  • Day – Night mode.
  • Image parameters (contrast, brightness, gain, etc.)
  • Video output (resolution, video technology, FPS).
  • menu language
  • camera reset

It is important to mention that both the video technology of the channel and that of the camera are the same, since if this is not the case, the OSD menu will not be accessible; an easy way to validate that they are on the same technology is for the video in live view to be seen in COLOR.

Once the aforementioned has been validated, the steps to enter the camera menu are the following:

1.- Select the channel where the camera to be modified is.

2.- Enter the PTZ control, left clicking on the video image and selecting the PTZ icon.


3.- The PTZ part on the right side of the screen will open, you have to verify and/or change that the ” Control Mode ” option is as UTC Control .

4.- When validating point 3, there are two ways to access the internal menu of the camera, one through the GUI joystick or with Iris +.

  • Joystick, selecting the middle button as Enter.


  • Selecting Iris + is the Enter button, while Zoom + and Zoom –  mark the direction up and down.


How to configure the Email in the ZKTeco 8000 series DVRs to receive notifications?

This article will show how to configure email in the ZKTeco 8000 series recorders, to send a notification for some type of event. The devices have the option of sending notifications to a maximum of 4 different recipients, receiving the notification at the same time.

For this configuration, it is recommended to use a Google-based email such as Gmail and that is not from an institutional domain, but rather a personal email.

For example:

Because for the configuration it is required in the first instance to activate the Verification in 2 steps and then create an application password, all this within the Google account precisely in ” Manage your Google Account ” and ” Security” , and this only it is possible with a personal account. 

We leave you a help link where it is shown step by step how to generate this application password:

Once the password is created, it is recommended that it be written down somewhere so that the characters are not forgotten. 

For example:


When you already have this password, you can configure the Email, we must follow the following steps: 

1.- Enter the Menu and then Network. 


2.- Now in Network we will go to Advanced and Email. 


3.- In this menu the final configuration will be made, where: 

  • Sender Email: The Gmail email from where the recorder emails will be sent will be placed. 
  • Password/Confirm Password: Enter the password created for the recorder, the application password, and confirm it. 
  • Activate SSL.
  • Recipients 1..4: Place the name in User and the Email of the user.
  • SMTP server : We will place the address of the Gmail smtp server, this is ” smtp.gmail.com”.
  • SMTP port:  The port that we can use are 465 and/or 587 . 


4.- After configuring point 3, it is recommended to Save so that no data is deleted.

5.- When saving the configuration, an email test can be done. In each recipient there is an envelope icon, when pressed, it will perform a test and it will be possible to validate if the email is leaving successfully. 


In the mail it will arrive as follows. 


By following the steps described above, the email configuration will be ready, and if some type of event is configured, for example movement, it is enough to activate the Email box to receive notifications. 

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