The Mobile recorders TRM-410 and TRM-810 feature two wired network connections and one WiFi connection.

While the hard wired connections are standard like most other NVRs’, the wireless maybe be outside the standards used normally to connect in a WiFi environment.

It is important to realize that the connection is made for retrieving or archiving video.

Below is a typical example for such setup




Please take note of the specifications for the WiFi connection:

WiFi internal (802.11 ac(5G)) only

DHCP on WiFi is not supported, this requires to reserve and know the network settings and connections properties before initial connection setup.

To start the setup of a Wireless Connection, the following information is required:

  1. SSID
  2. Password
  3. IP
  4. Subnet Mask
  5. Gateway
  6. DNS

The setup can be done form a wired network connection to the recorder or by built in mouse and HDMI connected monitor

Go to the network setting



Enable WiFi  and click on setup



Now enter the predetermined IP, Sub-net Mask, Gateway and DNS, than click on WiFi settings

The values below are just examples



Select the appropriate network. double click on it


Enter the Network password





Wait for the confirmation


After acknowledgment, set the default Gateway to network 3 and click OK




When getting the message below, the procedure should be complete9.JPG

Wait a few seconds and try connecting by Wireless using the IP select in the above procedure.

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