DVR NVR XVR Face & Mask Detection

Face Detection and Mask Detection are smart features of the E893 series and N843 and N844 series recorder.

When either are enabled, Face Detection can detect a person's face as they enter the camera's field of view (FOV) and Mask Detection can detect a person's face without a mask as they enter the camera's FOV.

Face and Mask Detection are disabled by . To use Face Detection or Mask Detection, you must it in the recorder.

  1. Go to Main Menu, then click Events.



  2. Under (A) Event Settings, click (B) Face Detection.

    Event Settings


  3. Select the (A) camera you want Face Detection to be enabled , then turn the Enable button to (B) ON.

    Face Detection


  4. Configure the following based on your preferences:
  • Channel
  • Activation
  • Sequence
  • Buzzer



  1. (Optional) Enable Mask Detection:

    5a. Click the Alarm type drop down menu, then click Mask Detect.

    Mask detect

    5b. Click the enable button to enable Mask Detection.


    5c. Configure the following based on your preferences:

    Note: Autoresponse is an automatic audio response when a person's face is detected without a mask.


  2. Click Apply to save your changes.
  3. Go to (A) Smart Plan, then select the same camera you previously selected on (B) Step 3, and enable (C) Face Detection, then click Apply to save your changes.

    Smart Plan


Congratulations! You have successfully enabled Face Detection on your E892 camera.

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