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Where to find the Serial Number(SN) and QR code of system?

Where to find the Serial Number and QR code of system

How to check your Nat Status? Where to find the Serial Number(SN) and of system?

1. How to check your Nat Status:

Right click the mouse-Mainmenu- Info-Version

You can see the Nat Status.

If it is “Connected“, it means the network is normal and you can use your to add device.


If it is “Probing DNS “, it means your network isn't normal.


Then you need to check your Ethernet port of DVR if it is bright. The orange light should be flashing and green light sholud be always bright.


If not, please change a Ethernet cable.

If it is bright and also appears , you can try to fix your IP:

XVR NVR Interface Setting Network

2. Where to find your Serial Number(SN) and QR code of system?

Step 1 Right click mouse and click Main MenuInfoVersion


Note: Only when NAT status is “Conected”, it means system has connected to internet and cloud successfully and phone/PC can use SN to view it locally and remotelly

If you have not connected DVR to a and can not log in system, there is another way to find your system's SN.

1. Plug DVR to router by ethenet cable.

2. Get a computer which is connected to same router as DVR is connected.

3. Install a on computer. Here is sofrware:

4. Check if the software can detect system's serial number.


3. There is the way to find QR code to the .

Step 1. Turn on DVR and connect DVR to a monitor. Right click mouse and select .


Step 2. Click next


Step 3. Scan QR Code to download APP


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