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What is Speed ​​Dome Camera (PTZ) How to Control

What is Speed ​​Dome Camera How to Control

Speed ​​Dome Cameras are cameras with PTZ (Pan, tilt , zoom ) feature that can be changed by digitally controlling the camera angle.


We can explain these three features of Speed ​​Dome Cameras, which include PTZ, ie pan, tilt and zoom, as follows:


Pan is  the ability of the Camera to move left and right.

Tilt is  a feature that indicates that the Camera can move up and down.

Zoom indicates  the auto zoom feature in the lens.

Speed ​​Dome Cameras are known by many names on the market. Some of those; PTZ camera, motor camera, pan tilt zoom camera, mobese cameras, slow speed camera, high speed camera, motion camera.

Speed ​​dome cameras, which have become widespread with the developing technology, were not preferred much because of their high cost. It was used in very special military security units, key points and airports. But today,  lower cost speed dome cameras are preferred in terms of their features as they are produced  . Speed ​​dome cameras, which also provide digital control advantage, are divided into two in terms of rotational speed. These are  slow and speed dome  cameras. Its speed can be preferred according to the area it will be used.

If we look at the general features,  speed dome cameras have digital control feature . Serial communication protocol RS-485 is used to control the camera. This is because the RS-485 is a simpler and more convenient system than others. Two wires are used for data communication and data transmission up to 1200 meters can be provided.

Speed ​​dome cameras can be rotated around continuously according to their location, or thanks to preset points with a specified motion and zoom program, cameras can be displayed in the desired area in case of an alarm.

Control Options

Speed ​​dome cameras; DVR Record Card can  be managed with DVR Recorder  and  Control Units .

How to Control the DVR with Record Card?

First of all, if the camera will be controlled with this method, RS232 / RS-485 converter must be plugged into the computer’s RS-232 output. The number of speed dome cameras that can be controlled varies according to the make and model of the cameras. Systems up to 256 cameras can be installed. Control is done with the software of the DVR card. Users connected via the internet or network have the ability to use the speed dome camera. In order to be able to check, the number given on the speed dome camera must match the number on the DVR record card. Also the communication protocol and baudrate used by the speed / slow dome camera again ?? i should be the same. This simply means that the devices speak the same language at the same speed.


How to Control the DVR with a Digital Recorder?

Digital recorders have RS-485 output (depending on the model). The speed dome cameras that are desired to be controlled can be connected in parallel, and can be controlled on the device, over the network and over the internet. It provides both convenience and extra professionalism to the speed dome camera control system with digital recording devices that can be controlled via the control of recorders.

Control with Control Unit

In this control type, the cameras can be controlled with a joystick with RS-485 output. It can be preferred in military camera systems, which are insufficient in terms of computers, and where an operator is required to be controlled, factory CCTV monitoring and recording systems, and construction site closed circuit camera systems. In addition, it can be used in camera system installations in places that want to control with a conventional operator by using both a computer or recorder control unit. Prices vary according to the control unit model and features.

Various protocols are used for speed dome camera control in communication with RS-485 interface. For example:

KTD-312 ,   Nice Cam , Pelco D , Pelco P , Lilin PIH / Philips , TC8560 / 700, Samsung , Yaan Speed ​​Dome , TD-500 . These protocols provide communication in different baudras.

What are the Uses of Speed ​​Dome Cameras?

Today, we can see speed dome cameras, which are increasing day by day, in military facilities, airports, factories and outdoors construction sites. Speed ​​dome cameras, such as normal dome cameras, are not easy to understand where it controls. For this reason, we can say that its deterrence feature is high. You can find speed dome cameras, which are a very useful and technological camera type, on our site with the brands Everest, REDrock and BALITECH.

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