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How to connect DVR/NVR on computer software CMS?

CMS can help you to manage your DVR/NVR both locally and remotely.How to connect But before adding your DVR/NVR to CMS,
please go to Main Menu–Info–Version to make sure NAT status is connected. If you have problem, please click this link for help:

Please download the attachment at the bottom of the page,it is the  installation package of CMS software.

Then you can follow the steps below to add NVR/DVR to your CMS.

1 Download CMS and install it on your computer according to the instruction in the download file.

2 Double click the icon 00158dc9eee610e2e83eb111200f391 to open CMS, the default User Name is super, password keeps blank (no password).

3 For the first time login, you will see the interface as below.


4. To add DVR/NVR, you can click System menu on the bottom right corner. Then go to Device Manager, click ADD AREA to create a zone.

Name the zone yourself and click OK.


5. After adding area, click the area name you created then click on 00158dc9f8b0b1ec9af1ea1937c9aa7 to add your DVR/NVR.

Device Name: name it yourself

Login type: choose Cloud

Here is method to find SN:

What to Do if DVR or NVR can’t Connect to Internet Successfully?

User Name/Password: default is admin and no password, same as your DVR

Click “ OK” after you have done above parameters, you could double click to open this device.


6 After you add you DVR successfully, you can view and manage your DVR on CMS



7 Here is the introduction about the CMS interface.


Note: If you have problem to add DVR/NVR to CMS, please double check the connection between your

DVR/NVR and the Internet and upgrade your CMS to the latest version.

Attachment:XMeye CMS.rar • 33.48MB • Download

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