How To Calculate Recording Capacity DVR-NVR

Calculate Recording Capacity - The recording capacity is mainly up to the resolution, record stream and bitrate.
Different image quality parameters decide different disk capacity occupation in equal times.
The bigger the record resolution, record stream and record bitrate is, the more disk capacity is
taken up in equal times. The calculation format of recording capacity is shown as below.

Recording Capacity(MB) = Bitrate(Kbps) ÷1024 ÷ 8 × 3600 × Recording hours per day ×
Record Days × channel numbers
3600 means record for an hour(1TB=1024GB , 1GB=1024MB , 1MB=1024KB ,

how to calculate

The table below shows the recording capacity requirements for record storage in 30 days.

how to calculate2

For instance, there is a 32CH NVR recording 24 hours per day and the record stores for 30
days. The NVR adopts dual stream recording. The main stream is 4096Kbps and the sub stream
is 1024Kbps, then the total recording capacity is 49.45TB (39.56TB + 9.89TB). Considering
the format loss of the disk is about 10%, the required disk capacity will be 55TB (49.45TB

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