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Smart Motion Detection Cameras 2024

Smart Motion Detection Cameras 2024, Surveillance systems that send false motion activated alarms triggered by extreme weather conditions, leaves rustling in the wind and animals moving throughout the scene are not only annoying, but are also counterproductive when running a business. Dahua’s Smart Motion Detection (SMD) is an ideal solution for low populated areas where you want an alert for people or vehicles anywhere in the scene without having to set rules and draw lines.


Smart Motion Detection Cameras
Security Camera  carries cameras with incredible features for security, such as Smart Motion Detection Cameras also known as SMD+!

Motion Detection is a technology that has been utilized for years to detect changes in image quality on DVRs and COAX cameras. With the addition of AI, it has now become even more powerful! Before we go into why SMD is so great, let’s examine what motion detection is and what it does!

General Motion Detection and its function is to detect (see) movement (signature) via pixel changes in the image. What it means is that if an object moves within the camera’s field of view, the camera’s motion detection function will be able to see it by knowing that the pixels in one frame are significantly different than thus of the previous frame. There are a variety of possible outcomes from this, including recording, alerting through the app, and even triggering an alarm out. You can describe it as simple as that! How does it work, you ask?

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First knowing what pixels are helps understand this process. The pixels that make up an image or screen are what makes up the picture. When a motion detection sensor compares two images, it is looking for how the pixels appear in one moment and how they appear in the a following frame, or still image.

In general, cameras take in a fixed view from any given place and process the pixels in the image as they might remain the same. In this example, the floor and walls, street signs, and other static objects aren’t likely to suddenly shift. These static elements make up the pixels in the image, and motion detection can identify when they change. Though subtle changes such as shadows might occur, MD is unable to detect them due to their gradual nature. A car or a person crossing the scene, on the other hand, may result in a sudden and chaotic change in pixels. MD might consider a motion event as a consequence of a sudden change in pixels.

When it comes to motion detection, there are three critical aspects that determine whether or not a change in pixels is considered a motion event. These settings are adjustable from most IP cameras, and they are referred to as sensitivity, threshold, and anti-dither. You can fine-tune your Motion detection to ensure that objects are of similar size or movement, moving more or less, and for a longer or shorter period of time.

Motion detection is an essential aspect of recording motion pictures. It’s crucial to identify suspicious activity in the moment in order to obtain a notification on your cell phone or through email if an unexpected event occurs. After all, motion footage is recorded when a recorder captures motion footage. The yellow tinge on the video frame that identifies it as motion-tagged footage is usually used in addition to the standard green tinge when a non-motion-tagged recording. By saving recording space, you can find footage that might have an event in it faster. Additionally, you can limit the size of the data file by setting your cameras to record only when motion is detected.

Motion Detection is helpful, but from, time to time it can produce errors or false alerts like any security technology. That’s why we have introduce Smart Motion Detection Cameras to help aid with motion detection even further.

Smart Motion Detection Cameras 2024

With Smart motion detection, SMD DVRs can process advanced video data calculations on the fly, eliminating human or vehicle objects from the picture. That’s what AI-powered SMD DVRs do! With SMD, this AI function can use its processing power to eliminate objects from the picture entirely.

You now have the ability to monitor a scene for motion, but limit that monitoring to only for the specific things you want it to look at! Imagine a busy parking lot full of cars that is normally off-limits to pedestrian traffic outside of employee activity. No longer will your SMD-powered DVR remove all vehicle targets when it applies to only moving where they shouldn’t! In the same token, you can focus your SMD system exclusively on people targets, eliminating anything it deems nonhuman from the events list. No more cats, raccoons, leaves, or squirrels activating your motion alerts at night!

Hybrid DVR systems are currently the only AI-based alert tracking systems that can really take alert tracking to the next level using SMD and SMD+. COAX-based systems are now even more viable than ever before, thanks to SMD and SMD+. We now carry COAX and IP cameras as well, which makes adding an IP camera to a Hybird DVR system feasible!

SMD is also available on our IP camera systems natively, which means no matter what type of system you have and are upgrading, or if your purchasing something new, you can rest assured we can help you get the power of SMD  and Smart Motion Detection Cameras working for your location today!


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