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How to set IP address for configuring IP cameras

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set IP address for configuring IP


If a network is on one IP gateway without a router (or just on a switch) and your are on another gateway then there can be a problem changing the IP of the cameras. This article will explain set up your computer as the host connection for an IP camera or IP device. From here you can configure the settings of the camera to match that of your network recorder.


  • Connect a ethernet cable from camera to Then connect a RJ45 cable from NVR to PC.
  • Set PC and Camera on same Network.

Set the IP address of the PC/ laptop same as the camera.


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Right Click on the Windows Start up ➞ Click on Control Panel.

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Step 2. Click on Network and Internet ➞ Select Network Sharing Center ➞ Select on Change Adapter Settings ➞ Select Ethernet

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Step 3. Select the Network Tab ➞ Check off Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) ➞ Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 to highlight ➞ Click on Properties

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Step 4. Set IP Address in the same range as the IP Camera Address. Ensure the Subnet Mask and Default Gateway of the PC are the same from the camera. Click OK .

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